Services Overview

The Hawkgrove team are experts in systems design and integration, bringing to bear many years of experience with projects in a multitude of industry sectors including commercial Aerospace and Defence, Avionics, Marine and transport systems. Pragmatic, intelligent and cost effective solutions are our focus, whilst working with our clients to ensure that they can deliver systems on time and within budget. We will work with you, assuring you of the utmost professionalism and integrity. Our aim is to ensure that you receive what you need when you need it.
Our ability to work to formal standards as well as ad hoc prototyping ensures that our clients can engage with us in a variety of different ways. Our hardware expertise allows us to deliver competitive COTS based turn key solutions, reducing risks and improving cost and project performance. With patents registered in 3 continents Hawkgrove have a proven record in technology innovation which helps our customers stay ahead of their competition.


Our team of experts can work with you to design, develop, verify and test software in a varienty of operating systems and languages. Let us use our experience to develop a COTS based solution or test system to your requirements. We can work with your suppliers to maximise your buying power, whilst making sure that the end product meets your requirements.


We have a proven track record of designing and developing high performance systems simulators, allowing real product substitution, whilst accurately modelling real world inputs to ensure maximum realism. We provide systems that can be calibrated, and in some instances they have been measured to within 2% of the real world. Our systems offer scripting to ensure repeatable use and can be combined with our Systems Integration Solutions to provide independent monitoring and results capture.

Legacy/Reverse Engineering

Our skills are not just limited to new systems development, we have a proven track record of picking up partially completed works or legacy systems, with a view to creating the design, verification and test evidence required by modern software development standards.

System Integration

Our suite of customisable system integration tools allow us to provide powerful integration and test solutions using electronic rules to greatly reduce integration and maintenance risk, cost and timescales.