Systems Integration Solutions

The software and systems development life cycle has never been under more pressure to deliver on time and to budget. Most systems rely on a collection of components acting together to fulfill a common purpose.

In developing and integrating systems, significant time and money is spent on getting systems to talk effectively to each other, testing operational efficacy, investigating and fixing integration issues.

Using our SyDat solution, what traditionally was viewed as inevitable cost and effort can now be deemed a thing of the past, with projects being brought in on or under time and budget. SyDat significantly reduces the costs of testing, bringing faster, more dependable results during development and following upgrades and maintenance. This results in reduced project cost, improved delivery quality and less reliance on human input.

Is systems integration hampered by unreliable communications?
Use SyDat to ensure consistent interface operation across all suppliers or use LiveAnalyser to diagnose the problems

Is it a struggle to turn around in service faults effectively?
Use SyDat or LiveAnalyser to record logs and replay them back into the product in lab conditions

Does regression testing always take longer than planned?
Use SyDat to record intelligent monitoring rules allowing your team to work more efficiently and increase repeatability

Would you like better traceability between tests and requirements?
SyDat is RIF compliant and can export test scripts/logs/results into DOORs

Let's talk about how SyDat can help.

Data Forensics Solutions

Finding out what has gone wrong whilst a system is in service can often be challenging. Even when the data is available it is often a tedious task trying to find the problem and effect a timely solution.

LiveAnalyser collects information for storage and/or live display. Backed up by powerful analytical tools, LiveAnalyser can be easily customised to quickly analyse and display bespoke message data from a variety of interfaces.

Interface consistency across systems suppliers is key to providing a solid and robust backbone on which to develop complex and innovative systems. Many projects suffer a lack of interface reliability which in turn increases maintenance risk, cost and timescales. Use LiveAnalyser to quickly analyse and isolate problems and make sure your system development progresses smoothly.

We supply low voltage, ruggedised, high performance, IP65 and IP67 data loggers that capture and store raw interface traffic for later retrieval and analysis or display live to a WiFi/LAN LiveAnalyser host. LiveAnalyser performs sophisticated analysis and playback of historical data as well as live analysis.

Need a powerful data capture/analysis solution?
LiveAnalyser is about as good as it gets, it supports diverse interface technologies concurrently, it can even analyse your production code to extract real interface definitions for use in systems fault analysis. No need to type in the interface descriptions, LiveAnayser saves you time and money getting to the root of your system problems quickly and efficiently.

Market Need

The annual cost of project failures across Europe has been estimated at £125bn

Based on research criteria projects are not meeting any or all of the following success criteria:

- Cost, time, quality and meeting the original requirements

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